Perù, after the wildfires, the downpour: Call for HOT mappers!

You certainly know the Machu Picchu and Cusco, the Inca Empire former capital, the mountain caps shaped like Goofy’s ears, or the black bowler hats worn by women, the vivid colors of their whool clothes, the moody llamas, or their cuter cousins, the alpacas… And you may have heard about El Niño Costero phenomenon. It was originally referring to little Jesus, as the natural warming climate process arrived soon after Christmas, announcing the end of the fishing season.

Over these last years, the sea surface temperature has raised extremely abnormally for the season (+6°C), provoking 22’000 hectares of burnt forests at the end of 2016, followed by pouring rains, floods, landslides, with more than 800 km of streets vanished and half a million of persons directly affected, with a high risk of the dengue disease proliferation, in this beginning of 2017. 176 districts are under emergency at the moment, stained by the same crawling dull mud.

In front of such disastrous scale, there is a real need to assess the situation, take action to alleviate the plague and anticipate further risks in ill-prepared human clusters as it is getting worse. Dynamic emergency participatory maps are one of the best tools to create and share information in order to support fast and effective humanitarian deployment.

Let me then introduce you to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), the first stop for emergency mappers. Its Tasking Manager coordinates emergency mapping by volunteers, professionals or not as everyone can contribute. HOT is easy, participatory, incredibly useful and paradoxically relaxing (did I really just say that?).

You can create a quick account, understand the basic remote sensing knowledge and you can already choose your area of contribution, draw what you can (using the polygon tools and lines tools to trace buildings, roads, waterways, etc, following the satellite imagery), and of course save your modifications. Enjoy!

P.S: Perù is only one mapping mission among others, as you can find tasks concerning Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Sudan, Indonesia, with priority level variations.


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