Short eulogy of a tool of mass communication and mass pollution : my little Nokia

After more than 6 years of loyal services, having hosted 5 different sim cards, lightening my weekend camping trips, still battery-lasting up to one week, being ignored in my stolen bag and found on the opposite side of Geneva, having survived dozens of scattering falls on the floor, a 20min water immersion in a Roman aqueduct in Jericho and one hour of tropical rainfall on the Bisoke volcano…, my little Nokia has shown this last week some fatigue for the first time. The screen winked for a bit before leaving it blind. I ended up in a 3m squared shop selling and fixing phones and shoes in Remera (Kigali, Rwanda) where a technician started a messy surgery, leaving me skeptical during 30 min. I called him ‘phone doctor’ and made him laugh. He repaired it.

The picture, by Chris Jordan, lays among others in his ‘Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of Mass Consumption’ folder, and is some food for thoughts.

Let your phone have many stories too.


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