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This blog shares some of my environmental thoughts on topical issues. The articles aim to be scientifically relevant, but easier to read than academic papers, with less protocol, more subjective bites and an human tone. Don’t hesitate to react, debate, share your thoughts and opinion, I would be more than happy to see this blog becoming interactive.

A few words about the author… I am a 25-year-old Swiss, Italian and Romanian environmental and social geographer with an all-rounding experience, mainly in Switzerland and Rwanda. Born in Switzerland in 1992, I grew up the first decade of my life in Israel, Peru, Croatia and Jordan before coming back to Geneva, raised by a humanitarian father and a business woman mom – learning from them what strength, integrity and passion mean.

Only interested in animals and plants until my teenage, I have broadened my topics of interest to ecology, economy, sociology, politics, technology, medicine, agronomy, philosophy, ethnology. I realized that these fields were interconnected in a way or another, especially thanks to my university studies and the unlimited access to Internet. I have become pretty active advocating for sustainable urban development, low-impact food systems, biodiversity conservation, fundamental human rights and social entrepreneurship.

I completed a Bachelor’s of Arts in Geography and Environmental studies and a Master’s in Geography and Urban studies, specializing in Sustainable Urban Development and Urban Food Systems. Beside my studies, I had been a Greenpeace activist, the person of charge of the Thematic Forum on Fundamental Human Rights one year, a delegate in two international student networks (UNICA & WSEN), sent to Australia to attend a summit. I contributed to the foundation of an association promoting innovative urban agriculture Exodes Urbains and of a theatre company La Ruche committed to human rights & environment.

I had the chance to work one year and a half as a Research and Teaching Assistant for the Institute of Geography and Sustainability in the University of Lausanne, to publish a scientific article for the Metropolis of Lyon and to be amongst the organizers of the French-Swiss Urban Planner Meeting for the last few years. Also, I was designated as a Transboundary Green party candidate to the States Council of Switzerland (Federal Level) – but was not elected 🙂

After long road trips in Australia and USA, it was not really my plan but I moved to Rwanda. With barely no contacts there, I landed to support the Impact Hub Kigali cofounders. It has been one of the best year of my life. I came back to do an internship for an Environmental and Social Consultancy Company, mainly working on a Sustainable Housing Project, learning so much about work in East Africa.

I am currently reconnecting professionally with my birth land, participating in Hackathons and starting another internship at the Energy and Mobility Cell of the City of Montreux. Also, after being the initiator of an urban agriculture project through my Master’s thesis, the University decided to carry it further and to implement it for 2018! They got me on board as a project consultant. Lot of work ahead.

Hope you know enough about me. Enjoy the blog!